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Sarasota and the Culture of Team Renick

November 8, 2011

Longboat Key, one of the greatest places to live and play!   Here you will find the beauty of this area with its world-class beaches and understand that, even with the overall, national decline in the real estate industry, Sarasota/Bradenton has a great deal to offer two Florida Realtors with big goals.

But this area is not just about the beautiful beaches, but also about beautiful art and culture.  Take for instance, the Sarasota Chalk Festival that took place from November 1st – 7th.  Renowned artists from all over the world came to our city and created their masterpieces right before the eyes of approximately 100,000 visitors.  The works included 3D art and historical pieces you would have to see to believe.

"Terracotta Army"“Terracotta Army”

However, this event is just a drop in Sarasota’s cultural bucket.  This county is also home to the Ringling Museum, two symphonies, an opera house, a world-class ballet company, numerous playhouses, art galleries, and almost four times as many performing artists than any other part Florida.

So why is this important?  Well, when choosing a location to live, whether full-time or part-time, the culture and demographics of the location should be one that reflects your interest and values.  In the most basic  terms, if you are not fond of a hectic city life, you are not likely to choose New York City as your home.

The same holds true for when you are choosing a Realtor®.  Do you choose just any Realtor® because he/she has a license and has sold a house or two?  Of course not.  Your next, best move starts with choosing a Realtor® whose business “culture” reflects your values and best meets your needs.  Do they seem knowledgeable about the local real estate market?  Do you feel like they want to sell you a house or help you find your next home?

Here is what Team Renick’s “culture” is about:  honesty, knowledge, personalized service, communication, and bottom line…ready to do some plain, old-fashion hard work.  Maybe these are things you have heard before, but as our motto goes, “we are different…let us show you how!”

Until next time…